Frank W J Anderson

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985 T he Hanford Site in south-central Washington State produced plutonium for the USDOE weapons program from 1943 to 1989. Plutonium (Pu) production involved the fi ssion of uranium fuels using nine nuclear reactors along the Columbia River, followed by the extraction and concentration of trace product Pu through chemically intensive processing regimes(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the identification of maternal deaths at the community level using the reproductive age mortality survey (RAMOS) in all households in which a women of reproductive age (WRA) died and to determine the most concise subset of questions for identifying a pregnancy-related death for further investigation. METHODS A full RAMOS survey(More)
Fig. 1. Range, mean, and standard deviation of systolic and diastolic thresholds reported by healthcare participants. A. Systolic and diastolic thresholds reported by healthcare participant group. B. Systolic and diastolic thresholds reported by healthcare center. Range is indicated by the whiskers, standard deviation by the rectangles, and mean by the(More)
An artinian ring R is square-free in case none of its inde-composable projective modules has a repeated composition factor. Let Q be the quiver of such a square-free ring R. In this paper we show that if R is indecomposable and transitive on the cyclic components of Q and if Q contains no n-crown, then R ∼ = D ⊗ K A where D is the natural division ring of(More)
Rice is a crop that is usually grown under flooded conditions and can require large amounts of water. The objective of this 3-year study was to quantify water use in water- (WS) and dry-seeded (DS) systems. In WS systems, the field is continuously flooded, while in DS systems the field is flush irrigated for the first month and then flooded. Research was(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about how optimism/pessimism and health-related quality of life compare across cultures. METHODS Three samples of pregnant women in their final trimester were recruited from China, Ghana, and the United States (U.S.). Participants completed a survey that included the Life Orientation Test - Revised (LOT-R, an optimism/pessimism(More)
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