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In the 1990s, Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) began gaining popularity and represents a departure from the more classical simulation approaches. This departure, its recent development and its increasing application by non-traditional simulation disciplines indicates the need to continuously assess the current state of ABM and identify opportunities for(More)
A Multiple Objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA) applied to the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem has been shown in the past to perform better than a single objective Genetic Algorithm (GA). Helper-objectives, representing portions of the main objective, were used in the past to guide the MOEA search process. This paper explores additional understanding of(More)
This paper proposes interval constraint networks and interval propagation techniques for automatic tolerance design. To develop an intelligent automatic tolerance design mechanism, the following interrelated problems are addressed: ~1! representing the relationships between the tolerances of the entities, attributes, and the functional requirements of a(More)