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BACKGROUND The transcription factor HOXC8 regulates many genes involved in tumour progression. This study was to investigate the role of HOXC8 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) growth and metastasis. METHODS The Hoxc8 expression was determined in 15 PDAC cell lines and human specimens by RT-polymerase chain reaction and/or immunohistochemistry.(More)
Description Logics (DL), one of the major paradigms in Knowledge Representation, face eeciency problems due to large-scale applications, expressive dialects, or complete inference algorithms. In this paper we investigate the potential of parallelizing DL algorithms to meet this challenge. Instead of relying on a parallelism inherent in logic programming(More)
The role of pancreatic acinar cells in initiating necro-inflammatory responses during the early onset of alcoholic acute pancreatitis (AP) has not been fully evaluated. We investigated the ability of acinar cells to generate pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators, including inflammasome-associated IL-18/caspase-1, and evaluated acinar cell necrosis in an(More)
The biology of pancreatic acinar cell cystadenomas has not been clearly defined. However, a non‑neoplastic process, caused by a cell differentiation failure leading to a cystic transformation , has been discussed, as well as a benign neoplastic lesion. Pancreatic acinar cell cystadenomas usually consist of thin‑walled unilocular or multilocular cysts, and(More)
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