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—A geoacoustic inversion technique for high-frequency (12 kHz) multibeam sonar data is presented as a means to classify the seafloor sediment in shallow water (40–300 m). The inversion makes use of backscattered data at a variety of grazing angles to estimate mean grain size. The need for sediment type and the large amounts of multibeam data being collected(More)
We elucidate the polymer dynamics of a liquid crystal elastomer based on the time-dependent response of the pendent liquid crystal mesogens. The molecular tilt and switching time of mesogens are analyzed as a function of temperature and cross-linking density upon application of an electric field. We observe an unexpected maximum in the switching time of the(More)
Using different segmental dynamics and relaxation, characteristics of the interface growth is examined in an electrophoretic deposition of polymer chains on a three (2+1)-dimensional discrete lattice with a Monte Carlo simulation. Incorporation of faster modes such as crankshaft and reptation movements along with the relatively slow kink-jump dynamics seems(More)
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