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On 4 July 2005, many observatories around the world and in space observed the collision of Deep Impact with comet 9P/Tempel 1 or its aftermath. This was an unprecedented coordinated observational campaign. These data show that (i) there was new material after impact that was compositionally different from that seen before impact; (ii) the ratio of dust mass(More)
One objective of the IRAM key project small-scale structure of pre-star forming regions is to determine the continuation of the mass spectra for molecular cloud fragments and other scaling laws from large scales down to smallest scales accessible with single-dish telescopes. In this Letter we present first results of the combination of the small scale data(More)
We present a new method to analyze the structure of observed molecular cloud images which is the generalization of the Allan-variance method traditionally used in the stability and drift analysis of instrumentation and electronic devices. Applied to integrated intensity maps of two molecular cloud data sets, the method shows, together with an analysis of(More)
The purpose of the present study was to assess incidence, fracture type, and location of spine fractures due to falls. All emergency room CT requests during a time period of 26 months were reviewed retrospectively. Patients who had fallen or jumped and were initially examined with multidetector CT (MDCT) were included. The MDCT studies were evaluated by two(More)
This study was conducted to assess occurrence and distribution of burst fractures as well as common accident mechanisms and the associated neurologic deficit. Using picture archiving and communications system, all emergency multidetector computed tomography studies over 34 months were retrieved and evaluated for burst fractures by two radiologists by(More)
The distribution of 12 C 16 O J = 9 → 8 (1.037 THz) emission has been mapped in OMC-1 at 35 points with 84 ′′ resolution. This is the first map of this source in this transition and only the second velocity-resolved ground-based observation of a line in the terahertz frequency band. There is emission present at all points in the map, a region roughly 4 ′ by(More)
The hyperfine interaction of phosphorus donors in fully strained Si thin films grown on virtual Si(1-x)Ge(x) substrates with x< or =0.3 is determined via electrically detected magnetic resonance. For highly strained epilayers, hyperfine interactions as low as 0.8 mT are observed, significantly below the limit predicted by valley repopulation. Within a(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of pelvic radiography in the initial trauma series when compared to multidetector CT (MDCT) findings in serious blunt trauma. Inclusion criteria were blunt trauma and pelvic radiography in the initial trauma series, followed by a whole-body MDCT. A total of 1386 patients (874 male, 512 female,(More)
BACKGROUND Sports and recreational accidents involving critical areas of the body occur commonly in the general population. Reports on their demographics and recommendations for screening procedures are, however, few. PURPOSE To assess injuries of the craniofacial area, spine, and torso resulting from sports and recreational accidents with multidetector(More)