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The Persuasive Effects of Message Framing in Organ Donation: The Mediating Role of Psychological Reactance
The effects of message framing on reactions to campaign messages promoting organ donation were examined in three experiments. It was predicted that gain-framed messages would produce more positiveExpand
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Entropy as a measure of centrality in networks characterized by path-transfer flow
Abstract Recently, Borgatti [Borgatti, S.P., 2005. Centrality and network flow. Social Networks 27, 55–71] proposed a taxonomy of centrality measures based on the way that traffic flows through theExpand
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On the Sensible Application of Familywise Alpha Adjustment
This essay responds to Daniel O'Keefe's “Against Familywise Alpha Adjustment.” Whereas O'Keefe maintains that one should never attempt to control Type I error introduced when many statistical testsExpand
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Comparing College Students' Value-, Outcome-, and Impression-Relevant Involvement in Health-Related Issues
The purpose of this study was to examine the role of receiver involvement in the context of health communication. Students (N = 277) completed Cho and Boster's (2005) measures of value-, outcome-,Expand
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Central journals and authors in communication using a publication network
The current study used citation data and relied on network analysis to determine centrality scores for 24 communication journals and the authors of their publications during the years 2007–2011.Expand
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Network structure, strategy evolution, and the game of Chicken
Abstract Cellular automata – lattice-like grids of interlinked cells – can be used to study system evolution. The cells are occupied by disputants with differing strategic interaction rules. AfterExpand
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Integrative Negotiation Strategies
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