Frank Thomas Piller

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Research has shown that many innovations originate not in the manufacturer but the user domain. Internet-based toolkits for idea competitions (TIC) are a novel way for manufacturers to access innovative ideas and solutions from users. Idea competitions build on the nature of competition as a means to encourage users to participate at an open innovation(More)
The paper provides an integrated view of value creation in mass customization-based production models. While flexible manufacturing technologies are often seen as the main enabler of mass customization, we argue that modern information technologies play a similar important role. Their significance is based on enabling a distinctive principle of mass(More)
This study analyzes the value created by so-called ‘‘toolkits for user innovation and design,’’ a new method of integrating customers into new product development and design. Toolkits allow customers to create their own product, which in turn is produced by the manufacturer. In the present study, questions asked were (1) if customers actually make use of(More)
The idea of integrating users in the design and production process is a promising strategy for companies being forced to react to the growing individualization of demand. While there is a vast managerial literature on mass customization, empirical findings are scarce. Our literature review shows that specifically the core of a mass customization system, the(More)
This study is the first in-depth empirical analysis of design process and outcome of socalled “toolkits for user innovation and design”, a very recent method for integrating customers in new product development and product design. Evidence from four experiments conducted in the watch market shows that user-designers engage in learning-by-doing behavior and(More)
Preface: All yours " All yours − mass customization transforms manufacturing in the 21st century, " wrote The Economist in a 2001 feature article. Enterprises in all branches of industry are being required to become more customer centric, yet, at the same time, increasing competitive pressure dictates that costs must also continue to decrease. Mass(More)
The idea of integrating users into a co-design process as part of a mass customization strategy is a promising approach for companies being forced to react to the growing individualization of demand. Compared to the rather huge amount of literature on manufacturing and information systems for mass customization, only little research discusses the role of(More)