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Inulin (general formulas GFn and Fm, with G = anhydroglucose and F = anhydrofructose) naturally occurs as a homologous series of oligo- and polysaccharides with different chain lengths. For reasons of growing interest in the food and pet food industries, the short chain inulins have to be separated from their long chain analogues because their properties(More)
Pathogens and spoiling microorganisms which adhere to interior equipment surfaces may be transferred to food products during their processing. To improve the hygiene during food processing operations, either inorganic or organic antimicrobials are added to various materials of construction used in the manufacturing of food processing equipment. In the USA,(More)
People have a growing preference for fresh, healthy, palatable and nutritious meals and drinks. However, as food deterioration is a constant threat along the entire food chain, food preservation remains as necessary now as in the past. High pressure processing is one of the emerging technologies being studied as an alternative to the classical(More)
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