Frank Skidmore

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Transcription factors are fate determining regulatory factors in dopaminergic neuronal development and differentiation. Among them, Nurr1 is the most extensively studied, but the importance of Pitx3 has recently been appreciated. Over-expression of both factors has been utilized to enhance the dopaminergic differentiation of stem cells for transplantation(More)
Acute vertebrobasilar dissection may cause subarachnoid hemorrhage by rupturing through the adventia or cerebral infarct by progressive occlusion of the true lumen. Recent reports on the endovascular management of this condition have focused on treatment of pseudoaneurysms. We report two cases where angioplasty or stent placement was successfully used to(More)
The term "camptocormia" describes a severe forward-flexed posture. Although initially used to describe a conversion disorder, early authors also recognized organic camptocormia occurring in old age, or "camptocormie senile," as well as traumatic and arthritic camptocormia. More recently, camptocormia has been described in patients with Parkinson's disease(More)
The Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging (AFNI) suite [1], a set of C programs and auxiliary scripts for processing, analyzing, and displaying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data (a technique for mapping human brain activity), is a widely adopted open-source tool in the MRI data analysis community. For many types of analysis pipelines, a key(More)
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