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BACKGROUND Although it was initially assumed that erythropoietin (EPO) was a hormone that only affected erythropoiesis, it has now been proposed that EPO plays an additional key role in the regulation of acute and chronic tissue damage. METHODS/DESIGN This is a large, prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-center study, funded by the German Federal(More)
Human skin harbours multiple different stem cell populations. In contrast to the relatively well-characterized niches of epidermal and hair follicle stem cells, the localization and niches of stem cells in other human skin compartments are as yet insufficiently investigated. Previously, we had shown in a pilot study that human sweat gland stroma contains(More)
INTRODUCTION The skin protects against fluid and electrolyte loss. Burn injury does affect skin integrity and protection against fluid loss is lost. Thus, a systemic dehydration can be provoked by underestimation of fluid loss through burn wounds. PURPOSE We wanted to quantify transdermal fluid loss in burn wounds. METHOD Retrospective study. 40(More)
Patients with peripheral nerve injuries, especially severe injury, often face poor nerve regeneration and incomplete functional recovery, even after surgical nerve repair. This review summarizes treatment options of peripheral nerve injuries with current techniques and concepts and reviews developments in research and clinical application of these therapies.
Constriction ring syndrome is an uncommon deformity with unknown etiology and multiple manifestations. The most common change occurs at the lower extremities. A complete circular amniotic band syndrome of the trunk is an extremely rare condition. There are less than ten other reported cases in the literature. We present a new case of this congenital(More)
Nestin-expressing cells isolated from different human tissues reveal self-renewal capacity and a multilineage differentiation potential. In particular, adult stem/progenitor cell populations from exocrine glands such as the pancreas, salivary gland and sweat gland are characterized by prominent nestin expression. Interestingly, human mammary gland(More)
OBJECTIVE Toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome have related high morbidity and mortality. We predict that preexisting multimorbidity is a major prognostic factor of both these diseases. METHODS A retrospective analysis in toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome patients over the past 10 years. Three severity categories(More)
PURPOSE In patients with major burn injuries mechanical ventilation is often required for longer periods. Tracheostomy (TS) plays an integral role in airway management. We investigated the effect of TS on ventilation parameters within 8 hours after TS. MATERIALS A retrospective analysis of severely burned patients admitted to the burn unit of a German(More)
In case of blast injuries, traumatic tattoos can result from accidental inclusions of intradermal pigmented particles. To avoid these tattoos, especially in esthetical areas like the head and neck region and the hands, the primary goal in our treatment is to remove all particles and foreign bodies. Superficial foreign bodies can easily be removed by brushes(More)