Frank Seibert

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Worldwide, algal biofuel research and development efforts have focused on increasing the competitiveness of algal biofuels by increasing the energy and financial return on investments, reducing water intensity and resource requirements, and increasing algal productivity. In this study, analyses are presented in each of these areas—costs, resource needs, and(More)
– The following paper considers image analysis with Kohonen Feature Maps. These types of neural networks have proven their usefulness for pattern recognition in the field of signal processing in various applications. The paper reviews a classification approach, used in medical applications, in order to segment anatomical objects such as brain tumors from(More)
The mothers of 87 male and female adolescents accepted at a counseling agency described their offspring by completing the Institute of Juvenile Research Behavior Checklist. A factor analysis of the initial data yielded nine symptom factors. These were used in combination with selected demographic variables, to compare the 54 continuers in treatment with the(More)