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— In this paper the feed-forward control structure is introduced for a manipulator joint driven by a set of symmetrical antagonistic muscles. The setup allows the specification of the desired joint angle, as well as the single muscle forces and produces the pressure signal for the muscles' supplying valves based upon the manipulator kinematic and the(More)
An important aim of the current research effort in artificial intelligence and robotics is to achieve cooperative agent behavior for teams of robots in real-world scenarios. Especially in the RoboCup scenario , but also in other projects like Nexus, agents have to cooperate efficiently to reach certain goals. In the RoboCup project, cooperative team-play(More)
BACKGROUND Microbial denitrification is not considered important in human-associated microbial communities. Accordingly, metabolic investigations of the microbial biofilm communities of human dental plaque have focused on aerobic respiration and acid fermentation of carbohydrates, even though it is known that the oral habitat is constantly exposed to(More)
Nitrous oxide (N(2)O) is an environmentally important atmospheric trace gas because it is an effective greenhouse gas and it leads to ozone depletion through photo-chemical nitric oxide (NO) production in the stratosphere. Mitigating its steady increase in atmospheric concentration requires an understanding of the mechanisms that lead to its formation in(More)
We show that the nitrate storing vacuole of the sulfide-oxidizing bacterium Candidatus Allobeggiatoa halophila has an electron transport chain (ETC), which generates a proton motive force (PMF) used for cellular energy conservation. Immunostaining by antibodies showed that cytochrome c oxidase, an ETC protein and a vacuolar ATPase are present in the(More)