Frank Schnorrenberg

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Breast cancer is the most common malignancy affecting the female population in industrialized countries. Prognostic factors, such as steroid receptors visualized in biopsy slides, provide critical information to oncologists regarding the hormonal status of the individual tumors. These factors influence the choice of treatment and help in predicting patient(More)
A computer-aided detection system for tissue cell nuclei in histological sections is introduced and validated as part of the Biopsy Analysis Support System (BASS). Cell nuclei are selectively stained with monoclonal antibodies, such as the anti-estrogen receptor antibodies, which are widely applied as part of assessing patient prognosis in breast cancer.(More)
The Biopsy Analysis Support System (BASS), previously used for breast cancer biopsy slide image analysis, has been extended to include indexing and content-based retrieval of biopsy slide images from a database of cases. Biopsy slides are described and can be accessed in terms of properties of individual or groups of cell nuclei present in the slide as well(More)
A biopsy analysis support system, called BASS, is introduced. The system works without any user adjusted parameters, simply based on the characteristics of breast biopsy image data. BASS has a clear design hinging on modularity and decomposition of the main task into image transformation, object detection and object classication. BASS uses localized(More)
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