Frank Schlote

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Methadone is metabolized by various isoforms of the cytochrome P450 family, which can be induced by many drugs, including nevirapine. The objective of the present study was to determine the effects of coadministration of nevirapine and methadone on the dose-adjusted areas under the concentration-time curves (AUCs) of racemic and (R)-methadone. Twenty-five(More)
The evolution of a sexually transmitted multiresistant HIV-1 in a linked transmission chain was followed for 33 months to assess its potential to persist in the absence of treatment. The multiresistant HIV reverted slowly to wild type in reverse transcriptase (positions 44, 67, 74, 118) rendering the virus only susceptible to lamivudine/emtricitabine.(More)
An open multicentre, non-comparative study was conducted in three countries to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerance of fluconazole suppositories in the treatment of oropharyngeal candidosis. Patients received fluconazole 100 mg day-1 in the form of suppositories or capsules. Minimum duration of total treatment was 7 days, maximum total treatment(More)
OBJECTIVES Outbreaks of sexually transmitted acute HCV infection have been described recently in several cities in the western world. The epidemic affects mainly MSM who are coinfected with HIV and is supposably linked to certain sexual risk practices. Here, we compared our findings with current knowledge and recommendations. METHODS HIV-positive patients(More)
Opioid maintenance treatment with methadone is regarded as gold standard in the therapy of opioid dependence. Identification of the ‘right’ methadone dose, however, remains challenging. We wanted to explore if the Opiate Dosage Adequacy Scale (ODAS) is a helpful instrument in methadone titration. Within this 12-months prospective naturalistic cohort study(More)
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