Frank Schirrmeister

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OBJECTIVE Cardiovascular tissue engineering is a novel concept to develop ideal heart valve substitutes. The objective of this study was to use decellularized porcine pulmonary valves, ovine cells and dynamic tissue culture to obtain viable and biomechanically stable constructs, resembling native aortic heart valves. METHODS Endothelial cells and(More)
The case for developing and using virtual platforms (VPs) has now been made. If developers of complex HW/SW systems are not using VPs for their current design, complexity of next generation designs demands for their adoption. In addition, the users of these complex systems are asking either for virtual or real platforms in order to develop and validate the(More)
In this tutorial paper, we will outline a solution for prototyping, programming and implementing Application Specific Instruction-set Processors (ASIPs). A general introduction into this class of processor architectures and their characteristics is provided. The Synopsys Processor Designer tool suite and the LISA language for ASIP design are jointly(More)