Frank Schaefer

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Cardiac and electrodermal measures are regarded as indicators of user strain during computer work, not taking the possible influence of finger and hand movements on these measures into account. For the evaluation of such effects, motor demands and mental load were both varied as independent factors in two experiments. As a motor task, subjects had to(More)
Identifying virulent Bacillus anthracis within soil is a difficult task due to the number and diversity of other organisms and impeding chemical constituents within soil. Regardless of the detection assay, the initial sample must be processed efficiently to ensure that debris, chemical components, and biological impurities do not obstruct downstream(More)
The etiological agent of tularemia, Francisella tularensis, is a resilient organism within the environment and can be acquired in many ways (infectious aerosols and dust, contaminated food and water, infected carcasses, and arthropod bites). However, isolating F. tularensis from environmental samples can be challenging due to its nutritionally fastidious(More)
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