Frank Sabath

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Common mode radiation often is the predominant contribution to the overall radiation from printed circuit boards. Since the return paths for common{mode currents are via displacement current, the proximity of the printed transmission lines to nearby metal objects become important. It is shown that common mode currents are due to the asymmetry of the printed(More)
A hybrid method which combines the Method of Moments (MoM) and the multiconduc-tor transmission line (MTL) equations is presented in this paper. The MTL{equations are used to calculate the current distribution on signal traces and cables. Via the MoM the behaviour of scattering objects (conduction plates, boxes, screens, etc.) is described. The coupling(More)
Due to the high frequencies of analog and/or digital signals and a high package density on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), problems occur concerning re-ection, crosstalk, radiation, and irradiation. New design methods have to consider the analysis of the expected radiation behaviour already during the design{phases of a PCB. If violations of the legal(More)
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