Frank S. Posluszny

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As the popularity of wireless networks increases, so does the need to protect them. In recent years, many researchers have studied the limitations of the security mechanisms that protect wireless networks. There has also been much research in the power consumption introduced by the network card. Technologies such as CPU and memory are increasing and so is(More)
Intrusion Detection & Countermeasure Systems (IDCS) and architectures commonly used in commercial, as well as research environments, suffer from a number of problems that limit their effectiveness. The most common shortcoming of current IDCSs is their inability to tolerate failures. These failures can occur naturally, such as hardware or software failures,(More)
In less than two decades, computer viruses and worms have grown from an anomaly to an everyday occurrence. In response to such a threat, the academic community has started a set of research projects seeking to understand worm behavior through creation of models. Staniford created a model to explain the propagation behaviors of worms in computer network(More)
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