Frank Runkel

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Multiple W/O/W emulsions for topical application using Span 80 as a lipophilic emulsifier were prepared. Several hydrophilic emulsifiers were tested in respect of their suitability for the preparation of multiple emulsions. In addition, the effect of different oil-phase compositions on emulsion stability was investigated. The physicochemical parameters of(More)
Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for dermal application are usually tested on healthy skin, although the primary permeation barrier, the stratum corneum, is often impaired by skin diseases or small skin lesions, especially on the hands. These skin conditions can considerably influence the permeation of chemicals and drugs. Furthermore, risk assessment for(More)
The incidence of superficial fungal infections is assumed to be 20 to 25% of the global human population. Fluorescence microscopy of extracted skin samples is frequently used for a swift assessment of infections. To support the dermatologist, an image-analysis scheme has been developed that evaluates digital microscopic images to detect fungal hyphae. The(More)
Ionic liquids (ILs) have several properties that offer many advantages in dermal drug delivery systems. Depending on the chemical structure, ILs can be used for protection against microorganisms, to enhance skin penetration, and as a solvent. In the present work, SEPINEO™ P 600 formulations and hydroxyethylcellulose gels containing the hydrophilic ILs(More)
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