Frank Renouard

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A total of 264 implants was placed in 143 patients using different immediate or delayed-immediate implant placement techniques in 12 different centers participating in a prospective multicenter study. The reason for tooth extraction was evaluated; bone quality and quantity were classified; socket depths were registered; and data on implant type, size, and(More)
BACKGROUND As a complement to the earlier reported 3-year results from a prospective multicenter study of immediate and delayed placement of implants into fresh extraction sockets, the 5-year results are reported. PURPOSE The purpose of this 5-year report was to evaluate the immediate and long-term success of implants placed into fresh extraction sockets,(More)
AIMS We assess the cost-effectiveness of dental implant first-line strategy vs. fixed partial denture strategy in patients suffering from one single missing tooth. MATERIALS AND METHODS The model used a simulation decision framework over a 20-year period. Potential treatment switches can occur every 5 years. Transition probabilities come from literature,(More)
In recent years, indications for endosseous dental implants have been extended to include partially edentulous jaws with areas of limited bone density and bone volume. Wide-diameter implants are particularly well suited for these situations. The purpose of this paper was to report on 98 consecutively placed 5-mm-diameter implants without smooth surface(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the 5-year and 10-year survival and complication rates of implant-supported fixed reconstructions in partially and totally edentulous patients with regard to the optimal number and distribution of dental implants. MATERIAL AND METHODS This review was designed as a systematic review of the literature. A search strategy was developed(More)
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