Frank Reckel

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We investigated the spectral and morphological features of the photoreceptors of five atherinomorph teleosts, representing two different orders, and with different life styles and habitats, the Beloniformes and Atheriniformes. The retinae of Belone belone (Belonidae), Dermogenys pusillus (Hemiramphidae), Atherina boyeri (Atherinidae), Marosatherina ladigesi(More)
In order to comparatively analyze curtain-like septa in the eyes of visually orientated "close-to-surface-predators" among atherinomorph teleosts, we examined the eyes of 24 atherinomorph species under a binocular microscope with regard to the falciform process and related structures in the vitreous cavity. Additionally, falciform process samples were(More)
The outer retinae of adults of 13 atherinomorph species, representing nine different families, were examined by both light and electron microscopy. The retinae were investigated with respect to photoreceptor types, cone densities, and cone patterns. All data were composed to eye maps. This procedure allows an interspecific comparison of the regional(More)
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