Frank R. Miele

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In under-resourced communities, there are several preventable pregnancy complications that can lead to significant maternal or perinatal morbidity and mortality when left untreated. The lack of access to prenatal imaging is one of many factors that contribute to the greater mortality rates in such populations. Analysis of the most common complications(More)
Peters (1993) claimed that published research on brain size and IQ is flawed because it did not<lb>meet his list of minimum conditions that (a) subjects should be matched for height, weight and<lb>age, (b) analyses should be conducted separately within sex, (c) subjects should not vary in<lb>prenatal and nutritional history, (d) people with IQs appreciably(More)
Advances in information and communications technologies provide a new opportunity to improve the access to healthcare in remote rural areas (RA) where there is a lack of infrastructure and medical experts. This paper implements a new model for tele-ultrasound (US) based on volumetric sweep imaging protocols specially designed for the acquisition of US.(More)
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