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The problem of optimizing a biconvex function over a given (bi)convex or compact set frequently occurs in theory as well as in industrial applications, for example, in the field of multifacility location or medical image registration. Thereby, a function f : X × Y → R is called biconvex, if f (x, y) is convex in y for fixed x ∈ X, and f (x, y) is convex in(More)
Point Based Registration Algorithms a definition of registration " Image registration is the process of overlaying images (two or more) of the same scene taken at different times, from different viewpoints, and/or from different sensors. Point Based Registration Algorithms principle structure ◮ find corresponding points (assignment) ◮ find a transformation(More)
T cells orchestrate the adaptive immune response, making them targets for immunotherapy. Although immunosuppressive therapies prevent disease progression, they also leave patients susceptible to opportunistic infections. To identify novel drug targets, we established a logical model describing T-cell receptor (TCR) signaling. However, to have a model that(More)
We assess the impact of traffic variations on energy consumption and devices lifetime in a core network. Specifically, we first define a model to control the spatial as well as the temporal variations of traffic. We generate different sets of traffic matrices by adopting our model, which are then used as input to an energy-aware algorithm, with the aim of(More)
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