Frank-Peter Schweinberger

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1. Calcium concentrations in the nanomolar range cause a specific stimulation of the oxidation of pyruvate by isolated mitochondria from rat thymus that is sufficient to account precisely for the stimulation of pyruvate oxidation observed when rat thymocytes are incubated with the mitogens concanavalin A or ionophore A23187. 2. Higher concentrations of Ca2+(More)
Our overall goal is to build dialogue systems for rational interaction with technical application systems. We want to achieve the satisfaction of user's goals in a given (ideally open) domain by conducting spoken dialogues where it should be possible in principle to augment them by other forms of multi-modal interaction. We assume that the satisfaction of(More)
In natural language processing, in-cremental semantic composition is one of the most prominent issues. In the past, numerous approaches have been developed for assigning meaning to noun and verb phrases and their complements and mod-ifiers. However, their inferential power is often too weak to be applied to practical applications, or the expressiveness of(More)
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