Frank P. P. M. Pernet

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A patient with a stage II seminoma of the testis was treated with a routine orchidectomy and irradiation. One and a half years later enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes were noted. Additional staging showed no other abnormalities and a mediastinoscopy was performed. The initial histologic examination confirmed the clinically suspected diagnosis of sarcoidosis.(More)
From 1958 to 1981, 132 ileal conduit urinary diversions were performed in 10 children and 122 adults. In 106 adults the indication was bladder carcinoma. Follow-up ranged up to 25 years (average 4.5 years). In 80 patients surviving more than 2 years, average follow-up was 7 years. Major early complications were encountered in 31.8%, the majority of whom(More)
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