Frank P. Lucien

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This paper investigates the effect of using recycled fiber (RCF) in newsprint production on the effluent quality and its treatability using membrane operations for internal and external recycling and reuse. Increased chemical usage in RCF for deinking had significant impact on the silica and sodium content of the effluent which in turn limits the membrane's(More)
The synthesis of polymeric nanocapsules in the approximate diameter range 40-100 nm (TEM/SEM) using catanionic surfactant vesicle templates stabilized by subcritical CO2 is demonstrated. Near equimolar aqueous solutions of the surfactants sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) experienced immediate vesicle destabilization(More)
The three-phase catalytic hydrogenation of an unsaturated ketone using a Pd/Al2O3 catalyst was investigated at high pressure. Kinetic experiments were performed using a Berty-type internal-recycle reactor. Temperature and pressure conditions ranged from 100 to 200°C and from 50 to 200 bar. Kinetic data were fitted to simple power-law models as well as more(More)
Supercritical fluids are increasingly being used as a replacement for more conventional organic solvents in the extraction of biomolecules from a range of matrices. Supercritical fluid extraction of essential fatty acids from fish oils is discussed. Supercritical CO2 was used to fractionate two fatty acids, EPA and DHA from fish oil ethyl esters. EPA and(More)
The catalytic polymerization of ethylene is performed in water pressurized with CO2 . The size of the initial monomer droplets and of the resulting polymer particles can be varied by simply changing the CO2 pressure. Furthermore, at identical ethylene partial pressure, the polymerizations performed in the presence of CO2 are significantly faster than in its(More)
Solid-liquid equilibria of solid mixtures in compressed CO2 are very important in assessing the feasibility of gas-assisted micronization processes such as PGSS (Particles from Gas-Saturated Solution). The determination of solid-liquid transition temperatures, the eutectic temperature and the associated composition of the melt can be problematic and(More)
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