Frank P Garssen

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Necrotising soft-tissue infections occur in the soft tissue compartment consisting of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, superficial fascia (fascia of Scarpa), deep fascia and muscle. Although this severe and acutely life-threatening infection has a low incidence, both GPs and specialists will see a necrotizing soft-tissue infection more than once during(More)
BACKGROUND In the Netherlands about 18,000 procedures with implant removal are performed annually following open or closed reduction and fixation of fractures, of which 30-80% concern the foot, ankle and lower leg region. For clean surgical procedures, the rate of postoperative wound infections (POWI) should be less than ~2%. However, rates of 10-12%(More)
Unintentional falls are a common cause of injury, especially among older persons. This study evaluates risk factors such as gender and age on morbidity and mortality after unintentional falls. Data were collected retrospectively for patients with a unintentional fall who were presented to the emergency department in 2013. A total of 3,217 patients were(More)
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