Frank P Anderson

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985 T he Hanford Site in south-central Washington State produced plutonium for the USDOE weapons program from 1943 to 1989. Plutonium (Pu) production involved the fi ssion of uranium fuels using nine nuclear reactors along the Columbia River, followed by the extraction and concentration of trace product Pu through chemically intensive processing regimes(More)
The Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) on Nimbus-7, launched in October 1978, is the only sensor in orbit that is specifically designed to study living marine resources. The initial imagery confirms that CZCS data can be processed to a level that reveals subtle variations in the concentration of phytoplankton pigments. This development has potential(More)
In the nutritional management of digestive disorders, it is important to know the relative secretory and metabolic responses to enteral and parenteral feeding. Twenty-seven healthy volunteers were studied while receiving either oral drinks or duodenal infusions of a complex formula diet, duodenal or intravenous infusions of elemental (protein as free amino(More)
BACKGROUND Homogeneous LDL-cholesterol methods from Genzyme, Reference Diagnostics, Roche, and Sigma were evaluated for precision, accuracy, and specificity for LDL in the presence of abnormal lipoproteins. METHODS Each homogeneous method was performed by a Roche/Hitachi 911 according to the vendors' instructions, and the results were compared with the(More)
BACKGROUND Identification of patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) among those who present to emergency departments with possible myocardial ischemia is difficult. Myocardial perfusion imaging with 99mTc sestamibi and measurement of serum cardiac troponin I (cTnI) both can identify patients with ACS. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients considered at low(More)
BACKGROUND Validation of whole blood, point-of-care testing devices for monitoring cardiac markers to aid clinicians in ruling in and ruling out myocardial infarction (MI) is necessary for both laboratory and clinical acceptance. METHODS This study evaluated the clinical diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the First Medical Cardiac Test device(More)
This fiber optic sensor, based on a homogeneous fluorescence energy-transfer immunoassay, operates in a continuous, reversible manner to quantify the anticonvulsant drug phenytoin. B-Phycoerythrin-phenytoin and Texas Red-labeled antibody to phenytoin were sealed inside a short length of cellulose dialysis tubing, which was cemented to the distal end of an(More)
Rice is a crop that is usually grown under flooded conditions and can require large amounts of water. The objective of this 3-year study was to quantify water use in water- (WS) and dry-seeded (DS) systems. In WS systems, the field is continuously flooded, while in DS systems the field is flush irrigated for the first month and then flooded. Research was(More)
The current state of science and engineering related to analyzing wetlands overlooks the importance of transpiration and risks data misinterpretation. In response, we developed hydrologic and mass budgets for agricultural wetlands using electrical conductivity (EC) as a natural conservative tracer. We developed simple differential equations that quantify(More)