Frank P. Albino

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The orphan steroid receptor, Nur77, is thought to be a central participant in events leading to TCR-mediated clonal deletion of immature thymocytes. Interestingly, although both immature and mature murine T cell populations rapidly up-regulate Nur77 after TCR stimulation, immature CD4+CD8+ thymocytes respond by undergoing apoptosis, whereas their mature(More)
BACKGROUND The technique of delayed-immediate breast reconstruction includes immediate insertion of a tissue expander, post-mastectomy radiation, followed by reconstruction. The aesthetic benefits of delayed-immediate reconstruction compared to delayed reconstruction are postulated but remain unproven. The purpose of this study was to compare aesthetic(More)
BACKGROUND The indications for surgical airway management in patients with Robin sequence (RS) and severe airway obstruction have not been well defined. While certain patients with RS clearly require surgical airway intervention and other patients just as clearly can be managed with conservative measures alone, a significant proportion of patients with RS(More)
Major volcano flank collapses strongly affect the underlying magmatic plumbing system. Here, we consider the magma storage zone as a liquid pocket embedded in an elastic medium, and we perform numerical simulations in two-dimensional axisymmetric geometry as well as in three dimensions in order to evaluate the consequences of a major collapse event. We(More)
We document a 3-year-old healthy African American girl who developed malignant melanoma on her lower extremity. The clinical appearance offered little indication of the lesion's severity (T4), and only the history of de novo presentation and disproportionate growth raised clinical suspicion. This case report highlights the subtle clinical findings of this(More)
BACKGROUND Knee disarticulations (KD) are most commonly employed following trauma or tumor resection but represent less than 2% of all lower extremity amputations performed in the United States annually. KDs provide enhanced proprioception, a long lever arm, preservation of adductor muscle insertion, decreased metabolic cost of ambulation, and an end(More)
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