Frank Orsini

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Spleen cell populations from mice treated with Adriamycin or daunorubicin were found to develop a greater complement-independent cellular cytotoxic immune response during culture with allogeneic tumor cells than spleen cells from untreated or cyclophosphamide-treated animals. A temporal and drug dose dependence of this effect was demonstrated. The changes(More)
Mouse spleen cells were cloned in the presence of phytohemagglutinin or lipopolysaccharide. The effects in vitro of doxorubicin or daunorubicin on colony formation were examined. At certain concentrations these drugs stimulated B lymphocytes and suppressed T lymphocytes. These were the opposite of the effects observed with in vivo drug administration. It(More)
Comparisons in the same patients of platelet-bound anti-platelet antibody (APA) levels (direct test) with serum APA levels (indirect test) frequently do not give the same results. Indirect test results frequently are negative or marginally elevated even though platelet-bound antibody is greatly increased on direct testing. The most likely cause for these(More)
Rabbit vesicular fluid (RVF) was shown to contain only one major electrophoretic component. This component, isolated by starch block electrophoresis, was found to have a molecular weight, by determination of sedimentation and diffusion coefficients, of approximately 17,300. This major component was also effective in isoimmunization. Another component,(More)
The production of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating activity (CSA) by isolated murine femur shafts, non-dispersed bone marrow and spleens was assessed following administration of Vinblastine (VLB). These organs were removed from 2 h to 10 days post-VLB and allowed to condition endotoxin-free medium for 48 h. CSA activity was assessed using a soft(More)