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Sports such as rowing, gymnastics, cycling and fast bowling in cricket that combine rotation with spine flexion and extension are known to carry greater risk of low back pain (LBP). Few studies have investigated the capacity of the lumbar spine to rotate in various sagittal positions, and further, these studies have generated disparate conclusions. The(More)
Extracts derived from Albizia amara were found to demonstrate activity in a recently developed hplc system designed to detect compounds capable of interacting with DNA. Further investigation led to the procurement of four sets of alkaloid isolates X1-X4 that were found to be macrocyclic pithecolobine alkaloids. All four isolates interacted with calf thymus(More)
Keywords: Biofuel policy Income effects Equilibrium model Farm group model Political economics a b s t r a c t European Union (EU) policymakers have persistently supported first-generation biofuels despite the clearly emerging picture of small or even negative green house gas mitigation effects. This leads to the conclusion that support is driven by other(More)
Recent food scares have led to a boom in demand for organic products and have increased policy makers' awareness of the potential benefits of organic farming. However, policies specifically targeting organic farming support do not remain beyond dispute and a sound justification of these is necessary. The potential specific contribution of organic farming to(More)
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