Frank O Schumann

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Picosecond x-ray pulses are extracted with a phase-locked x-ray pulse selector at 1.25 MHz repetition rate from the pulse trains of the accelerator-driven multiuser x-ray source BESSY II preserving the peak brilliance at high pulse purity. The system consists of a specially designed in-vacuum chopper wheel rotating with ≈1  kHz angular frequency. The wheel(More)
We have measured the correlated electron pair emission from a Cu(001) surface by both direct and core-resonant channels upon excitation with linearly polarized photons of energy far above the 3p threshold. As expected for a single-step process mediated by electron correlation in the initial and final states, the two electrons emitted by the direct channel(More)
Correlated valence electrons in Ag and Cu are investigated using double photoemission spectroscopy driven by a high-order harmonic light source. Electron pairs consisting of two d electrons as well as pairs with one sp and one d electron are resolved in the two-dimensional energy spectrum. Surprisingly, the intensity ratio of sp-d to d-d pairs from Ag is 3(More)
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