Frank O'Connor

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BACKGROUND Serotonin produces an exaggerated rise in platelet cytosolic calcium (delta [Ca++]i) in patients with mood disorders. Studies on patients with bipolar disorder consistently demonstrate calcium abnormalities. By comparison, data on patients with major depression are more variable. METHODS To determine causes of variability, we utilized Fura-2(More)
Maintenance for wind turbines, particularly offshore turbines, presents a significant cost component to wind farm operators. The main bearing, which supports the low-speed shaft, is one of the major wind turbine system components. Since maintenance is confined to suitable weather windows, which are unpredictable, there is a need for decision support tools(More)
BACKGROUND Data from recent studies indicate that the presence of depression is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. The mechanism by which depression increases the morbidity and mortality risks in patients with comorbid vascular disease is currently the object of considerable research interest. Platelets may be involved(More)
This paper evaluates the use of System Wide Information Management (SWIM) to support sharing of safety ATM data link information from Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS), in addition to advisory information. The convergence of both advisory and safety critical information into IP-based (including(More)
Flowback and produced wastewaters from unconventional hydraulic fracturing during oil and gas explorations typically brings to the surface Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), predominantly radioisotopes from the U238 and Th232 decay chains. Traditionally, radiological sampling are performed by sending collected small samples for laboratory(More)
The current Air/Ground mobile technology used for ATN/OSI is VDL Mode-2. In time, other mobile technologies will be used such as Satellite Communications, for example possibly INMARSAT and Iridium, and other ground based systems, for example AeroMACS. These mobile technologies already support networking using the IP protocol suite. ICAO 9896 has been(More)
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