Frank Nordemann

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The realization of wireless communication in rural environments suffers from long distances, unknown node mobility and discontinuous communication paths. Combination of delay-tolerant mobile ad-hoc networks and infrastructure-based mobile communications results in an increased number of communication opportunities in many usage scenarios. However, efficient(More)
In sparsely populated mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) communication has to cope with mobility and in particular interruptions of connections. The lack of continuous network connectivity is addressed by Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) protocols. DTNs are characterized by varying delays and the fact that a successful delivery of data is not guaranteed. However,(More)
Received In this paper we provide a categorical interpretation of the rst-order Hoare logic of a small programming language, by giving a weakest precondition semantics for the language. To this end, we extend the well-known notion of a ((rst-order) hyperdoctrine to include partial maps. The most important new aspect of the resulting partial ((rst order)(More)
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