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A deformation of the algebra of diffeomorphisms is constructed for canonically deformed spaces with constant deformation parameter θ. The algebraic relations remain the same, whereas the comultiplication rule (Leibniz rule) is different from the undeformed one. Based on this deformed algebra a covariant tensor calculus is constructed and all the concepts(More)
We study a deformation of infinitesimal diffeomorphisms of a smooth manifold. The deformation is based on a general twist. This leads to a differential geometry on a noncommutative algebra of functions whose product is a star-product. The class of noncommutative spaces studied is very rich. Non-anticommutative superspaces are also briefly considered. The(More)
BACKGROUND Poor treatment results obtained with palliative chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer indicate the need for new effective and well-tolerated regimens. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-three patients with locally advanced or metastatic gastric cancer were enrolled in a phase II study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of combination chemotherapy(More)
BACKGROUND : Anastomotic leakage has a major impact on morbidity and mortality in rectal cancer surgery. Its relevance to oncological outcome is controversial. This observational study investigated the influence of anastomotic leakage on oncological outcome. METHODS : Data for 1741 patients undergoing curative resection of rectal cancer (located less than(More)
Collaborative filtering aims at helping users find items they should appreciate from huge catalogues. In that field, we can distinguish user-based, item-based and model-based approaches. For each of them, many options play a crucial role for their performances, and in particular the similarity function defined between users or items, the number of neighbors(More)
PURPOSE There is a growing amount of data suggesting that carcinomas of the right and left colon should be considered as different tumor entities. Using the data and analysis compiled in the German multicentered study "Colon/Rectum Cancer," we aimed to clarify whether the existing differences influence clinical and histological parameters, the perioperative(More)
The identification of gene mutations is a critical goal for the assessment of diagnosis and prognosis in cancer disease, particularly by direct sequencing. Pyrosequencing is a straightforward, non-electrophoretic DNA sequencing method using the luciferase-luciferin light release as a signal for nucleotide incorporation into a PCR template DNA. In this(More)
It has been increasingly reported that administration of n-3 fatty acids is beneficial in patients with inflammatory processes. This effect is most likely caused by different biological characteristics, including an immunomodulating effect of the products derived from n-3 fatty acids through eicosanoid metabolism. The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
The aim of collaborative filtering is to help users to find items that they should appreciate from huge catalogues. In that field, we can distinguish user-based from item-based approaches. The former is based on the notion of user neighbourhoods while the latter uses item neighbourhoods. The definition of similarity between users and items is a key problem(More)
AIM This review comments on epidemiology, diagnosis and general principles of surgical management in patients with acute abdomen. DEFINITION AND EPIDEMIOLOGY: The most common cause of acute abdominal pain is non-specific abdominal pain (24 - 44.3 % of the study populations), followed by acute appendicitis (15.9 - 28.1 %), acute biliary disease (2.9 - 9.7 %)(More)