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Although common tree shrews have long been considered a model system for early eutherian mastication, little information on mandibular movement patterns relative to specific food types has been reported. Detailed analysis of mandibular movement patterns when related to resulting attrition facets may permit more accurate extrapolations regarding the dietary(More)
The pedicles of lumbar vertebrae were measured both directly and radiographically to determine the differences between the sexes and the accuracy of radiographic measurement. The lumbar pedicles of cadavera of forty-nine patients--twenty-four men and twenty-five women--who died between the ages of sixty and ninety-eight years were measured directly and on(More)
A study of the postures and locomotor modes of Alouatta palliata was conducted from mid-June to mid-September 1974 on Barro Colorado Island, Panama Canal Zone. Activities, postures, and locomotor modes were recorded relative to the position of the animals in the trees and to the size and angulatiry of the support structures. Most activities, in particular(More)
Lumbosacral spines from 51 geriatric-age cadavers (25 men and 26 women) were examined both grossly and under the dissecting microscope for evidence of compression of fifth lumbar spinal nerves by their respective lumbosacral ligaments. These ligaments were found to extend from the transverse process and body of L5 to the ala of the sacrum in 97% of the(More)
—Variability in motor rehabilitation program outcomes can be attributed not only to individual components (human patient/rehabilitation equipment) but also to their system-level interactions. Thus, effective deployment of a rehabilitation program depends upon: 1) suitable therapist selection of user–device ergonomics; 2) adjustable device settings; and 3)(More)
We have recently demonstrated that some forms of cathodal high voltage pulsed current (HVPC) curb posttraumatic edema formation in frog hind limbs. The purpose of this study was to determine, by assessing the capacity of anodal HVPC to curb posttraumatic edema formation, whether polarity is an important variable. Fourteen anesthetized bullfrogs were placed(More)
As an interdisciplinary field lying at the intersection of biology and robotics, bio-inspired robotics has seen considerable interest from a research, education, and ultimately application perspective. The scope of this interest has ranged from creating and operating walking, crawling, and flying robots based on biological counterparts; to evaluating(More)
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