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Critiques of the quantity and quality of empirical evaluations in software engineering have existed for quite some time. However such critiques are typically not empirically evaluated. This paper fills this gap by empirically analyzing papers published by ICSE, the prime research conference on Software Engineering. We present quantitative and qualitative(More)
A core principle of Agile development is to satisfy the customer by providing valuable software on an early and continuous basis. For a software application to be valuable it should have a user interface that is usable. Recently there has been some evidence that suggests using Agile methods alone does not ensure that an applications UI is usable. As a(More)
Programmers learning how to use an API or a programming language often rely on code examples to support their learning activities. However, what makes for an effective ode example remains an open question. Finding the haracteristics of the effective examples is essential in improving the appropriateness of these learning aids. To help answer this question(More)
This paper discusses the role of conversation and social interactions as the key element of effective knowledge sharing in an agile process. It also presents the observations made during a repeated experiment on knowledge sharing conducted in various groups of professionals and students. The study suggests that the focus on the pure codified approach is the(More)
In this paper we describe how knowledge management and software process support can be integrated to improve the efficiency of virtual software teams. Virtual software development teams work on a common project using the Internet as their basic means of communication. Examples of virtual software development projects are open source projects or large scale(More)
Research was conducted on using agile methods in software engineering education. This paper explores the perceptions of students from five different academic levels of agile practices. Information has been gathered through the collection of quantitative and qualitative data over three academic years, and analysis reveals student experiences, mainly positive(More)
i n t e r a c t i o n s / n o v e m b e r + d e c e m b e r 2 0 0 5 IMAGINE INTERVIEWING for the position of UCD specialist in a company that uses an agile software development process. Could you answer questions such as, “how does UCD fit in an agile process?” UCD specialists may be horrified when they first hear about agile methods [1]. Agile literature(More)