Frank Ludolph

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Fabrik is a visual programming environment - a kit of computational and user-interface components that can be “wired” together to build new components and useful applications. Fabrik diagrams utilize bidirectional dataflow connections as a shorthand for multiple paths of flow. Built on object-oriented foundations. Fabrik components can compute(More)
One Xerox innovation that seems to be spreading throughout the industry is an approach to user interface design first brought to the marketplace in the 8010 Star Workstation and later given additional exposure via the Apple Lisa and Macintosh: the Desktop Metaphor. This design approach is intended to facilitate one’s use of the system by making the(More)
Apple’s Lisa, introduced in January 1983, was the bridge between the first commercial graphical desktop system, the Xerox Star (April 1982), and the Apple Macintosh (January 1984), which popularized it. Although visually similar to current graphical user interfaces, its user model differs substantially. The live demonstration presents a broad view of the(More)
Today the user of personal computers is facing several inconsistencies which originate from an unresolved situation between two competing interaction models. The WIMP desktop model was developed nearly 30 years ago at Xerox Parc and Apple Computer. The web model became popular in the mid 1990s and has profoundly changed business and the perception of social(More)
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