Frank Lison

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We have performed high resolution spectroscopy of rubidium with a single mode continuous wave distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode. The saturation spectrum of the D 2-line of 85 Rb and 87 Rb was recorded with a resolution close to the natural line width. The emission frequency was actively stabilized to Doppler-free transitions with a relative accuracy of(More)
We report ultra-stable locking of a commercially available extended cavity diode laser to a vibration-insensitive high finesse Fabry-Perot cavity. A servo bandwidth of 2 MHz is demonstrated. The absolute stability of the diode laser after locking is measured with a three-cornered-hat method. The resulting Allan deviation reaches a level of 2.95 × 10 −15 at(More)
2-Photon laser scanning microscopy (TPLSM) is often used for chronic in vivo studies. Small deviations in the sample orientation, however, make comparison of three-dimensional image stacks taken at different time-points challenging. When analysing changes of three-dimensional structures over time (4D imaging) this fundamental problem is one of the main(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract: We present a simple method for narrowing the intrinsic Lorentzian linewidth of a commercial ultraviolet grating extended-cavity diode laser (TOPTICA DL Pro) using weak optical feedback from a long external cavity. We achieve a(More)
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