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Quality of geometry instruction and its short-term impact on students' understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem
This article presents findings from a German–Swiss video-based classroom study. The research examines how three basic dimensions of instructional quality impact the development of students'Expand
Teacher self-efficacy as a long-term predictor of instructional quality in the classroom
In this longitudinal study, we examined teachers’ self-efficacy as a long-term predictor of their mastery goal orientation and three dimensions of instructional quality: supportive classroom climate,Expand
Learning with Classroom Videos: Conception and first results of an online teacher-training program
Within the framework of a yearlong teacher education program we examined the conditions and effectiveness of learning with classroom videos. In online phases and face-to-face sessions (blendedExpand
Addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers: adaptive strategy use and the influence of instruction in German third grade
This study investigates accuracy and adaptivity of students’ strategy use when adding and subtracting three-digit numbers and hypothesizes that different instructional approaches have different advantages and disadvantages regarding the teaching and learning of adaptive strategy use. Expand
Key features of effective professional development programmes for teachers
Recent studies indicate that teachers’ professional development is crucial to improving the quality of schooling. This review summarises current research results and highlights key features for effExpand
Profiles of strain coping at the beginning of a teacher education program at the university
An einer Stichprobe von N = 538 Lehramtsstudierenden wird in diesem Beitrag mit latenten Profilanalysen zum einen untersucht, ob sich bereits im ersten Semester des modularisierten LehramtsstudiumsExpand
Teaching patterns and learning quality in Swiss and German mathematics lessons
Abstract Based on a coding of 39 videotaped three-lesson units on the introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem, three teaching patterns were identified: lecturing, developing based on a problem, andExpand
Instructional approaches to foster third graders’ adaptive use of strategies: an experimental study on the effects of two learning environments on multi-digit addition and subtraction
For the adaptive use of those strategies students are able to generate, the implicit approach turned out to be more effective than the explicit approach, however, this generation effect does not hold for strategies which are too complex to be generated by students. Expand
Interleaved Learning in Elementary School Mathematics: Effects on the Flexible and Adaptive Use of Subtraction Strategies
According to the attentional bias framework, interleaved practice seems to be a promising approach for teaching subtraction strategies to enhance the students’ flexibility and adaptivity. Expand
Facets of teachers’ motivation for professional development – Results of a factorial analysis
Der Fort- und Weiterbildung von Lehrpersonen wird eine hohe Bedeutung fur die Verbesserung der Unterrichtsqualitat zugeschrieben. Auf die Effektivitat entsprechender Masnahmen haben neben derExpand