Frank Landsbergen

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This paper develops an argument that agreement (in particular NP-predicate agreement) is a morphological and not a syntactic phenomenon. Narrowly, I argue against the proposition that the configurational/positional licensing of NPs (what was considered to be the domain of Case Theory in the LGB framework of the 1980s) involves checking/matching/valuing of(More)
In this paper, I present a lexicon-based approach to the Dutch constructions bare singular count noun – coordinator – bare singular count noun (NCoN) and bare singular count noun – preposition – bare singular count noun (NPN). I contrast this model with the one presented by Postma (1996). I will show that both constructions exhibit certain features that(More)
In this paper, we present the Taalportaal project. Taalportaal will create an online portal containing an exhaustive and fully searchable electronic reference of Dutch and Frisian phonology, morphology and syntax. Its content will be in English. The main aim of the project is to serve the scientific community by organizing, integrating and completing the(More)
The paper considers the status of complementizer agreement from a theoretical and typological point of view. Theoretically, the phenomenon is strange because no semantic or syntactic relation between the complementizer and the subject seems to be underlying it. A probe-goal analysis is rejected, as it would require positing ad hoc agreement features in C.(More)
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