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Under similar test conditions, the electromigration reliability of Al and Cu metallization interconnect trees demonstrates significant differences because of the differences in interconnect architectural schemes. In Cu technology, the low critical stress for void nucleation at the Cu and inter-level diffusion barrier, such as Si 3 N 4 , interface, leads to(More)
The effects of interconnect length on the reliability of dual-damascene Cu metallization have been investigated. As in Al-based interconnects, the lifetimes of Cu lines increase with decreasing length. However, unlike Al-based interconnects, no critical length exists, below which all Cu lines are 'immortal'. Furthermore, we found multi-modal failure(More)
— The median-times-to-failure (t 50 's) for straight dual-damascene via-terminated copper interconnect structures, tested under the same conditions, depend on whether the vias connect down to underlaying leads (metal 2, M2, or via-below structures) or connect up to overlaying leads (metal 1, M1, or via-above structures). Experimental results for a variety(More)
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