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The neural signals in visual cortex associated with positional disparity and contrast texture correlation of binocular images are the subject of this study. We have analyzed the effects of stereoscopically presented luminous bars and of dynamic random-dot patterns on the activity of single neurons in cortical visual areas V1, V2, and V3-V3A of the alert,(More)
This paper presents results obtained from experiments performed on two behaving monkeys (Macaca mulatta) viewing correlated and uncorrelated dynamic random dot stereograms. Extracellular single unit activity was recorded from areas V1 and V2. We found that cells sensitive to correlated stereograms (38%) were also sensitive to uncorrelated stereograms.(More)
Recently, we found that the CB-splines that use basis {sin t, cos t, t, 1} and the HB-splines that use basis {sinh t, cosh t, t, 1} could be unified into a complete curve family, named FB-splines (Zhang and Krause, 2005). FB-splines are a scheme of what we call here F-curves. This paper explains that in the domain of complex numbers , the extended C-curves(More)
We have used techniques of nonlinear dynamics to compare a special model for the reversals of the Earth's magnetic eld with the observational data. Although this model is rather simple, there is no essential diierence to the data by means of well-known characteristics, such as correlation function and probability distribution. Applying methods of symbolic(More)
INTRODUCTION The explorative scanning movements of the hands have been compared to those of the eyes. The visual process is known to be composed of alternating phases of saccadic eye movements and fixation pauses. Descriptive results suggest that during the haptic exploration of objects short movement pauses occur as well. The goal of the present study was(More)
Monoclonal antibodies represent the most important group of protein-based biopharmaceuticals. During formulation, manufacturing, or storage, antibodies may suffer post-translational modifications altering their physical and chemical properties. Such induced conformational changes may lead to the formation of aggregates, which can not only reduce their(More)
We describe important advances in analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) hardware, which add new information to the hydrodynamic information observed in traditional AUC instruments. In contrast to the Beckman-Coulter XLA UV/visible detector, multiwavelength (MWL) detection is able to collect sedimentation data not just for one wavelength, but for a large(More)
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