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A consistent model for thermal fluctuations and protein-induced deformations in lipid bilayers.
We present an elastic Hamiltonian for membrane energetics that captures bilayer undulation and peristaltic deformations over all wavelengths, including the short wavelength protrusion regime. TheExpand
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Membrane-protein interactions in a generic coarse-grained model for lipid bilayers.
We study membrane-protein interactions and membrane-mediated protein-protein interactions by Monte Carlo simulations of a generic coarse-grained model for lipid bilayers with cylindrical hydrophobicExpand
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Mechanical properties of lipid bilayers from molecular dynamics simulation.
Lipid areas (Aℓ), bilayer area compressibilities (KA), bilayer bending constants (KC), and monolayer spontaneous curvatures (c0) from simulations using the CHARMM36 force field are reported for 12Expand
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Flexible lipid bilayers in implicit solvent.
A minimalist simulation model for lipid bilayers is presented. Each lipid is represented by a flexible chain of beads in implicit solvent. The hydrophobic effect is mimicked through an intermolecularExpand
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Diffusion of complex objects embedded in free and supported lipid bilayer membranes: role of shape anisotropy and leaflet structure
We present a versatile numerical scheme to predict diffusion coefficients for arbitrarily shaped objects embedded in lipid bilayer membranes. Diffusion coefficients for micron-scale diamond-shapedExpand
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Determining biomembrane bending rigidities from simulations of modest size.
Thermal fluctuations of lipid orientation are analyzed to infer the bending rigidity of lipid bilayers directly from molecular simulations. Compared to the traditional analysis of thermal membraneExpand
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Dynamic simulations of membranes with cytoskeletal interactions.
  • L. Lin, Frank L H Brown
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 19 July 2005
We describe a simulation algorithm for the dynamics of elastic membrane sheets over long length and time scales. Our model includes implicit hydrodynamic coupling between membrane and surroundingExpand
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Dynamic scaling in phase separation kinetics for quasi-two-dimensional membranes.
We consider the dynamics of phase separation in lipid bilayer membranes, modeled as flat two-dimensional liquid sheets within a bulk fluid, both in the creeping flow approximation. We present scalingExpand
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Thermal fluctuations in shape, thickness, and molecular orientation in lipid bilayers.
We present a unified continuum-level model for bilayer energetics that includes the effects of bending, compression, lipid orientation (tilting relative to the monolayer surface normal), andExpand
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Solvent-free simulations of fluid membrane bilayers.
A molecular level model for lipid bilayers is presented. Lipids are represented by rigid, asymmetric, soft spherocylinders in implicit solvent. A simple three parameter potential between pairs ofExpand
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