Frank Lüdicke

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BACKGROUND A single 10 mg dose of mifepristone, and two 0.75 mg doses of levonorgestrel 12 h apart, are effective for emergency contraception. Because no studies had compared the efficacies of both compounds, or investigated a single dose of 1.5 mg levonorgestrel, we undertook this three-arm trial. METHODS We did a randomised, double-blind trial in 15(More)
The unfailing detection of micrometastases during surgery of patients suffering from ovarian cancer is mandatory for the optimal management of this disease. Thus, the present study aimed at determining the feasibility of detecting micrometastases in an ovarian cancer model using the intraperitoneal administration of the photosensitiser precursor(More)
Stage IIIA endometrial cancer includes patients with serosal or adnexal invasion and patients with positive peritoneal cytology only. In this study, we assessed the impact of peritoneal cytology on endometrial cancer survival. All endometrial cancer patients receiving surgery and radiotherapy at the Geneva University Hospitals between 1980 and 1993 were(More)
Levels of biomarkers of exposure to selected harmful and potentially harmful smoke constituents found in cigarette smoke, in addition to nicotine were measured in 160 smokers randomized for 5 days to continuing smoking conventional cigarettes (41 participants), switching to Tobacco Heating System 2.2 (THS 2.2) (80 participants), or abstaining from smoking(More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to compare the pharmacokinetics of nicotine between the heat-not-burn Tobacco Heating System 2.1 (THS 2.1) and combustible cigarettes (CCs). We also examined whether the subjective urge to smoke was associated with the pharmacokinetics of nicotine. METHODS This open-label, randomized, two-period, two-sequence crossover study(More)
INTRODUCTION Tobacco harm reduction aims to provide reduced risk alternatives to adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking combustible cigarettes (CCs). This randomized, open-label, three-arm, parallel-group, single-center, short-term confinement study aimed to investigate the effects of exposure to selected harmful and potentially harmful(More)
We performed a cross-sectional, multicentre study in Japan to detect the differences in biomarkers of exposure and cardiovascular biomarkers between smokers and non-smokers. Several clinically relevant cardiovascular biomarkers differed significantly between smokers and non-smokers, including lipid metabolism (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol(More)
  • C D 'arcangues, P D Griffin, H Von Hertzen, K M Vogelsong, M Mbizvo, E Vayena +229 others
  • 2002
INTRODUCTION In 1995, approximately 570 million couples worldwide regularly used a method of family planning. Because use does not necessarily mean acceptance, this statistic offers only a glimpse at the behaviours that determine a couple's decision to use a method of fertility regulation. Nearly half the users of a reversible method discontinue its use(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the impact of termination of pregnancy (TOP) on women's sexual well-being, the couple and contraceptive practice. In a prospective qualitative and quantitative study, 103 women undergoing induced abortion by vacuum aspiration were interviewed before the abortion and 6 months later. The interview was performed by means(More)
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