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Blood cell development relies on the expansion and maintenance of haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in the embryo. By gene targeting in mouse embryonic stem cells, we demonstrate that the transcription factor GATA-2 plays a critical role in haematopoiesis, particularly of an adult type. We propose that GATA-2 regulates genes controlling growth factor(More)
We present statistical methods for analyzing replicated cDNA microarray expression data and report the results of a controlled experiment. The study was conducted to investigate inherent variability in gene expression data and the extent to which replication in an experiment produces more consistent and reliable findings. We introduce a statistical model to(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic medical records, including pathology reports, are often used for research purposes. Currently, there are few programs freely available to remove identifiers while leaving the remainder of the pathology report text intact. Our goal was to produce an open source, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant,(More)
Signaling through Notch receptors has been implicated in the control of cellular differentiation in animals ranging from nematodes to humans. Starting from a human expressed sequence tag-containing sequence resembling that of Serrate, the gene for a ligand of Drosophila melanogaster Notch, we assembled a full-length cDNA, now called human Jagged2, from(More)
One of the important issues discussed in World Healthcare Organization (WHO), Europe and America is patient safety. Reducing medical errors is the primary goal to enhance patient safety. The bottleneck of the reduction is that the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) can not track the information about the patient's name, operational time and location(More)
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) has a broad spectrum of clinical behaviors; some cases are self-limited, whereas others involve multiple organs and cause significant mortality. Although Langerhans cells in LCH are clonal, their benign morphology and their lack (to date) of reported recurrent genomic abnormalities have suggested that LCH may not be a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Subclinical atherosclerotic plaque is an important marker of increased vascular risk. Identifying factors underlying the variability in burden of atherosclerotic carotid plaque unexplained by traditional vascular risk factors may help target novel preventive strategies. METHODS As a part of the carotid substudy of the Northern(More)
BACKGROUND Last year, our pathology informatics fellowship added informatics-based interactive case studies to its existing educational platform of operational and research rotations, clinical conferences, a common core curriculum with an accompanying didactic course, and national meetings. METHODS The structure of the informatics case studies was based(More)
B cells that mediate normal, T cell-dependent, humoral immune responses must first pass through germinal centers (GCs) within the cortex of antigenically stimulated lymph nodes. As they move through the dark zone and then the light zone in the GC, B cells are subjected to somatic hypermutation and switch recombination within their rearranged immunoglobulin(More)
BACKGROUND Medication adherence is critical for patient treatment. This study involved evaluating how implementing Short Message Service (SMS) reminders affected patient medication adherence and related factors. METHODS We used a structured questionnaire to survey outpatients at three medical centers. Patients aged 20 years and older who were prescribed(More)