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Nucleosomes compact and regulate access to DNA in the nucleus, and are composed of approximately 147 bases of DNA wrapped around a histone octamer. Here we report a genome-wide nucleosome positioning analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana using massively parallel sequencing of mononucleosomes. By combining this data with profiles of DNA methylation at single base(More)
Members of the E2F transcription factor family (E2F-1-E2F-5) are believed to be critical positive regulators of cell cycle progression in eukaryotes although the in vivo functions of the individual E2Fs have not been elucidated. Mice were generated that lack E2F-1 and, surprisingly, these mice develop and reproduce normally. However, E2F-1-/- mice exhibit a(More)
To fully understand cell type identity and function in the nervous system there is a need to understand neuronal gene expression at the level of isoform diversity. Here we applied Next Generation Sequencing of the transcriptome (RNA-Seq) to purified sensory neurons and cerebellar granular neurons (CGNs) grown on an axonal growth permissive substrate. The(More)
Tumor endothelial marker 8 (TEM8) is a cell surface receptor that is highly expressed in a variety of human tumors and promotes tumor angiogenesis and cell growth. Antibodies targeting TEM8 block tumor angiogenesis in a manner distinct from the VEGF receptor pathway. Development of a TEM8 imaging agent could aid in patient selection for specific(More)
Beta-ketothiolase (BKT) deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive metabolic disorder, which causes episodic severe metabolic acidosis. Average onset of disease is from 6 to 24 months. Imaging findings relating to this entity have rarely been reported. We report a case of a 5-year-old girl with BKT deficiency with isolated focal T2 hyperintensities involving(More)
Electromigration is a reliability concern of microelectronic interconnections, especially for flip chip solder bump with high current density applied. This study shows that with the line-to-bump geometry in a flip chip solder joint, the current density changes significantly between the Al trace and the bump, while the current crowding effect generates more(More)
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