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MOTIVATION Today, metabolite levels in biological samples can be determined using multiparallel, fast, and precise metabolomic approaches. Correlations between the levels of various metabolites can be searched to gain information about metabolic links. Such correlations are the net result of direct enzymatic conversions and of indirect cellular regulation(More)
Samples of single epidermal, basal and trichome cells were collected by glass microcapillaries from 7-week-old Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. Transcript amplification of these single-cell samples was performed by RT PCR. For gene expression profiling, we hybridized the amplified transcriptome of each individual cell type to nylon membranes spotted with 16,000(More)
The size and magnitude of the metabolome, the ratio between individual metabolites and the response of metabolic networks is controlled by multiple cellular factors. A tight control over metabolite ratios will be reflected by a linear relationship of pairs of metabolite due to the flexibility of metabolic pathways. Hence, unbiased detection and validation(More)
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