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Assessing the Impact of Transgenerational Epigenetic Variation on Complex Traits
Loss or gain of DNA methylation can affect gene expression and is sometimes transmitted across generations. Such epigenetic alterations are thus a possible source of heritable phenotypic variation inExpand
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Mapping the Epigenetic Basis of Complex Traits
Quantifying the impact of heritable epigenetic variation on complex traits is an emerging challenge in population genetics. Here, we analyze a population of isogenic Arabidopsis lines that segregateExpand
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System-wide molecular evidence for phenotypic buffering in Arabidopsis
We profiled 162 lines of Arabidopsis for variation in transcript, protein and metabolite abundance using mRNA microarrays, two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, gas chromatographyExpand
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Rate, spectrum, and evolutionary dynamics of spontaneous epimutations
Significance Changes in the methylation status of cytosine nucleotides are a source of heritable epigenetic and phenotypic diversity in plants. Here we derive robust estimates of the rate at whichExpand
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Features of the Arabidopsis recombination landscape resulting from the combined loss of sequence variation and DNA methylation
The rate of meiotic crossing over (CO) varies considerably along chromosomes, leading to marked distortions between physical and genetic distances. The causes underlying this variation are beingExpand
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Mass-spectrometry-based draft of the Arabidopsis proteome
Plants are essential for life and are extremely diverse organisms with unique molecular capabilities1. Here we present a quantitative atlas of the transcriptomes, proteomes and phosphoproteomes of 30Expand
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Epigenome dynamics: a quantitative genetics perspective
Classically, quantitative geneticists have envisioned DNA sequence variants as the only source of heritable phenotypes. This view should be revised in light of accumulating evidence for widespreadExpand
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Epigenetic Basis of Morphological Variation and Phenotypic Plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana
Differences in epigenetic marks can explain substantial levels of variation in plant performance and often exert pleiotropic effects. Epigenetics is receiving growing attention in the plant scienceExpand
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Genome-Wide Epigenetic Perturbation Jump-Starts Patterns of Heritable Variation Found in Nature
We extensively phenotyped 6000 Arabidopsis plants with experimentally perturbed DNA methylomes as well as a diverse panel of natural accessions in a common garden. We found that alterations in DNAExpand
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Genetic sources of population epigenomic variation
The field of epigenomics has rapidly progressed from the study of individual reference epigenomes to surveying epigenomic variation in populations. Recent studies in a number of species, from yeastExpand
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