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Causal probabilistic networks have proved to be a useful knowledge representation tool for modelling domains where causal relations in a broad sense are a natural way of relating domain objects and where uncertainty is inherited in these relations. This paper outlines an implementation the HUGIN shell-for handling a domain model expressed by a causal(More)
This article describes a propagation scheme for Bayesian networks with conditional Gaussian distributions that does not have the numerical weaknesses of the scheme derived in Lauritzen (1992). The propagation architecture is that of Lauritzen and Spiegelhalter (1988). In addition to the means and variances provided by the previous algorithm , the new(More)
In this paper, we describe the Hugin Tool as an efficient tool for knowledge discovery through construction of Bayesian networks by fusion of data and domain expert knowledge. The Hugin Tool supports structural learning, parameter estimation, and adaptation of parameters in Bayesian networks. The performance of the Hugin Tool is illustrated using real-world(More)
We have previously reported that, in electron capture dissociation (ECD), rupture of strong intramolecular bonds in weakly bound supramolecular aggregates can proceed without dissociation of weak intermolecular bonds. This is now illustrated on a series of non-specific peptide-peptide dimers as well as specific complexes of modified glycopeptide antibiotics(More)
In the highly eutrophic lake, Frederiksborg Slotssø, the diet composition of the bream (Abramis brama L.) and roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) populations was examined during three periods with different food availability. The length range of bream and roach was 9–34 cm (TL) and 5–18 cm (TL), respectively. The relative food composition was examined for 2 cm and 1(More)
Causal probabilistic networks (CPNs) offer new methods by which you can build medical expert systems that can handle all types of medical reasoning within a uniform conceptual framework. Based on the experience from a commercially available system and a couple of large prototype systems, it appears that CPNs are now an attractive alternative to other(More)